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Looking for a little jumpstart? We bring you the Orange Yarmouk Innovation Lab (OYIL) to get you started.

I am all ears, tell me more?

The Orange Yarmouk Innovation Lab created in affiliation with the Academic Entrepreneurship Center for Excellence was set up by Orange Jordan in partnership with Yarmouk University to offer a unique and beneficial program for the students of the university.

What kind of trainings or programs are offered?

The lab offers internship and training courses that include: soft skills, communication and negotiation skills courses to ensure students get opportunities and tools that are very useful for their career path.

Can’t wait! Where do I sign up?

You can register for the lab at the beginning of every semester by sending in your CV to the supervisor. If shortlisted, then you’ll be called in for an interviewed, passing which you’ll become a trainee at the lab.
Contact email for the lab:

Orange Scholarships

Orange Jordan PSUT scholarships: Learning made easier.

What is it?

Orange Jordan provides scholarships for high-achieving Jordanian students that cover their tuition fees for a year at the Princess Sumaya University for Technology.

Each year, a jury of qualified scholars from the university, select five students for the scholarship. In the past, the scholarship used to cover five students for the entire duration of their studies but it has been made into an annual one to benefit as many students as possible.

Why is Orange doing this?

It forms part of Orange Jordan’s Corporate Social and Entrepreneurship responsibility towards empowerment of the local community and to open up many opportunities for youth to achieve success in the future.

Cool! How do I get on it?

If you are interested and meet the requirements, register through your Admission and Registration Department in the university.