YO 11 Max Prepaid Line for Jordan Youth

YO 11 Max

YO 10 Prepaid Line
37 GB

Unlimited Calls & SMS *

On local networks & Ooredoo Palestine


Unlimited Music *

Anghami Plus wonder

Listen without internet
Listen without internet
High-quality voice
High-quality voice
Without Ads
Without Ads
Sing the lyrics
Sing the lyrics
Orange Cloud

Unlimited Storage *




Unlimited Gaming *


10 GB free with Extra net feature

10 GB free *

with Extra net feature

Bundle Carryover

Your unconsumed data, minutes and SMS will remain with you until the next month.


Always on data *

After you consume your data we will give you 10 GBs Extra to use them as you like at a lower speed

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To Subscribe to YO 11 Max

  • If you’re a new subscriber, dial *230*6#
  • If you’re a current Orange subscriber, dial *290*5#

Get the line from the nearest store or buy online

Terms & Conditions*

  • YO lines are dedicated for youth of ages 18-29 years, with one line allowed from each YO 9 Max and YO 11 Max lines for each subscriber. If proven otherwise, your YO 9 Max line subscription will be switched to Orange 9 Max new offer and YO 11 Max line to Orange 11 Max new offer
  • "Extra net" feature : Each time the customer  renews the monthly subscription on time or before, 1 GB will be added to the main internet bundle ( CAP of 10 GB ). 
    • GBs are incremental as long as the customer is renewing on time or before
    • When reaching the 10th subscription, the customer will keep taking 10 GB each month as long the line is renewed on time or before.
    • If the customer did not renew on time, he/she will lose the incremental GB’s that was granted and the count will be reset to zero.
  • Always On Data: After you consume your data for YO 11 Max line, we will give you an extra 10 GB, so you can use them as you like, at a lower speed
  • Bundle Carry over: You’re unconsumed data, minutes and SMS will remain with you until the next month. All you have to do is to renew your subscription on time or any time before its due date

Fair usage policy applies within the following caps:

  • Unlimited local calls and SMS: 35,000 minutes on Orange mobile, 3,500 local SMS (A maximum of 120 SMS/day), 5,000 minutes on other local networks
  • Ooredoo Palestine promotional minutes are valid until 2024-6-30
  • Anghami Plus subscription is a limited time promotion, where Orange has the right to extend the offer period, suspend applications and services, or modify its details at any time
  • Terms and conditions apply on Orange Cloud service
  • Out of bundle rates: 2 piasters/minute to all local networks, 3 piasters/local SMS and 4 fils/MB
  • For international discounted rates, please visit this link
  • 8 piasters / International SMS
  • Monthly subscriptions are valid for 30 days
  • Prices are tax-exclusive
  • Terms and conditions apply